Nebraska Conservation Partnership for the Panhandle

The Partnership is evolving and is committed to help arm producers with educational support, knowledge and practical use techniques for improving soil health, encouraging water conservation and minimizing tillage cropping practices. We hope to help instill a long-term vision and keen awareness of the need for continued education to successfully endure as producers.

We offer hands-on, informational events and educational information for producers interested in sustaining agriculture within the parameters of Conservation Agriculture.
With this knowledge and effort we remain committed to our vision and will continue to promote all aspects of Conservation.

 Upcoming Events

Partnership Conference is scheduled for February 22, 2017 at the Prairie Winds Community Center in Bridgeport Nebraska !        


AGENDA February 22, 2017

Prairie Winds Community Center, Bridgeport

8:00-9:00           Registration

 9:00-9:15            Welcome, Partnership Update  

 9:15-10:00          Thinking Regeneratively

                           Joshua Dukart, Rancher, Consultant Holistic Management Educator

  10:00-10:20       Break

Please Thank Shelbourne Reynolds Inc, Elite Ag Partners and Panhandle Coop

 10:20-11:00      Tapping Into Biological Horsepower

                    Joshua Dukart, Rancher, Consultant and Holistic Management Educator

 11:00-11:45        Choosing the Right Soils Test

                              Lance Gunderson, Director of Soil Health Tests Ward Laboratories

 11:45-12:45       Lunch + NRD Updates 

Please Thank Green Cover Seed and Farm Credit Services of America

1:00-1:30            Soil Residue and Beneficial Insect Conservation 

                          Jeff Bradshaw, Entomologist UNL Panhandle Research Extension

 1:30-2:10            Good Decisions During Tight Times

                       Matt Stockton, Ag Economist UNL West Central Research Extension

  2:10-2:30  BREAK

Please Thank Shelbourne Reynolds Inc., Elite Ag Partners and Panhandle Coop

 2:30-3:30            Current and Expected Weather Patterns

                                                Don Day, Meteorologist Day Weather

 3:30-3:45            Closing Comments

 Please Fill Out Evaluations to Guide Future Education Events

 Registration Deadline to Guarantee Lunch > February 10, 2017

For more information please call or email any of the Partnership committee for more information (308)432.6190.



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No-Till Notes

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Stages of No-Till

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