2014 PowerPoint Presentations

Below are the PowerPoint presentations for all the speakers that presented at the 2014 Winter No-Till Conference.  Names and contact information have also been included.  Click on the title of the presentation you want to view.


What Can We Learn From the History of Farming in the High Plains

Dr. Gary Peterson


Crop Insurance, Cover Crops, and No-Till

Part 1              Part 2                Part 3               Part 4        

Gail Fuller


Limited Irrigation and Your Bottom Line

Limited Irrigation Calculator

Jessica Johnson

Using the Haney Test to Determine Soil Fertility

Dr. Ray Ward


Equipment and Systems Approach to No-Till

Part 1          Part 2

Paul Jasa


Ecology and Insect in Modern Agriculture

Johnathan Lundren


Producer Panel

Part 1          Part 2


Expanding Technologies in No-Till Farming

Dietrich Kastens


Current and Expected Weather Patterns

Don Day



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