Winter Conference Presentations 2015

Below are the PowerPoint presentations that were used in the 2015 Panhandle No-Till Partnership Winter Conference.  They have all been put into a PDF format for easy access.  If you have any questions, contact Dave Wolf at 632-2749.

Ray Archuleta – Applying Agroecology Principles and Biomimicry Strategies for Agroecosystems

Part I          Part 2          Part 3          Part 4

Jeff BradshawUpdates On Wheat Stem Sawfly


Gabe Brown -Five Principals to a Healthy Soil Part I

Part I          Part 2           Part 3           Part 4         Part 5         Part 6

Wendy Taheri – Understanding the Importance of Dicersity in Cropping Systems

Scott Ravenkamp – Carbon: The Limiting Factor

Part 1          Part 2           Part 3          Part 4

Steve TuckerThinking for a Change

Don DayCurrent and Expected Weather Patterns






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